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You are in the heart of one of the most fascinating cities of the Mediterranean, stepping right on top of one the best-kept ancient secrets of Thessaloniki, owning a unique 5-star experience and a sense of clean minimal luxury, residing at the crossroads of worlds and eras where all the roads are yours to enjoy and explore.

Settled in the central neighborhood of Eleftherias Square, the S Hotel Boutique is framed by the versatile architectural style of the quiet and pleasant Kalapothaki str. The hotel’s contemporary 8-story building, featuring twenty-seven spacious rooms and suites, “floats” above the southern coastal fortification wall of the city which was revealed during the construction of the hotel, it was preserved by the Thessaloniki Ephorate of Antiquities and today, is open to the public.

Under the S Hotel Boutique

The archaeological finds date from the 4th century AD until the end of the Ottoman rule. Remains of the Early Christian era, Roman reconstructions, a small Basilica church of unknown identity, ancient fortifications, graves and a sophisticated grid of pipelines, narrate stories of siege, prosperity, faith and invincible power, from the pirate looting of the Saracens to the demolition of the marine walls and the opening of Thessaloniki to the sea, between 1869 and 1873.

A glass floor on the ground floor of the S Hotel Boutique, allows visitors to admire the archaeological finds, dating from the 4th century AD until the end of the Ottoman rule.

The south old City Water Front  and part of its Walls are now in full display right at the glass bottom floor of the new S HOTEL BOUTIQUE.  Those Walls were century long hit by the waters of Thermaikos Bay and scenery for  many historic battles, victorious and not. Great part of the same Wall extends nowadays underneath the next lying Liberty Square, but only visible here underneath the hotel’s lobby. 

Those Walls are considred to have safeguarded the spirit of Thessaloniki for many centuries against violent attacks from all sides of the horizon. Our carefull construction and lobby glass floor has managed to safeguard nowadays the wall in return. Discover the fascinating story of the Water Front Walls while staying in the S Hotel Boutique…..

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