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The Green Key eco-label
S Hotel Boutique has a Green Key Certificate.
Green Key is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent Program. It is recognized and supported by the World Tourism Organization and UNEP.
Green Key is presently the largest global eco-label for accommodation and has a national administration center in each participating country. It promotes sustainable tourism and aims to contribute to the prevention of climate change by awarding and advocating facilities with good initiatives. The program began in Denmark in 1994 and was adopted by FEE in 2002 to become its fifth international program. It has since spread to 28 countries and continues to grow.
The label is based on international criteria that reflect the various fields of tourism facilities (hotels, hostels, camp sites, conference, and holiday centers) focus on environmental management, technical demands, and initiatives for the involvement of guests, staff, and supplier’s cover:   
·      Water, Waste, Energy,
·      Involvement and Awareness of Guests,
·      Environmental Management,
·      Staff Involvement,
·      Use of Chemicals,
·      Open Spaces,
·      Food and Beverages.


Green Key